New address.

Back and stronger

When I was small, there was a grapevine that grew in our garden. So whenever I remember my childhood and the hours I spent playing alone at our old house, that vine usually serves as a backdrop to the memories.

During one of our religion classes in law school, we discussed this Latin phrase that was mentioned in an interview by the new pope at that time, Pope Benedict XVI. The literal translation is: "Having been cut down, it grows back stronger."

This phrase is on the coat of arms of the Benedictine monastery of Monte Cassino. It was founded by St. Benedict circa 529 A.D. The abbey has been destroyed and rebuilt a few times. 

Those who are familiar with viticulture tell us that regular cutting of the vine helps produce an abundant grape harvest. 

My birthday ink sums up my life story. Succisa virescit.

Red Friday

On August 9, I decided to give a piece - almost half a liter, really - of me. Thank you, Nurse Rein, for making the experience less painful by agreeing to take pictures of me. The blood drive was organized by the Philippine National Red Cross and was held at Ever Gotesco Mall along Commonwealth.

During the physical exam, I was told that my blood pressure was 90/70. I had to walk around the mall and did a bit of cardio workout on the stairs. Alas, my BP went up to 120/100, which is my average.

The Security & Escort Batallion Combo of the Philippine Army was there to entertain the donors. This band should be given a break, come on.

True love, hopefully

Someone once told me that if you listen to an orchestra and an instrument stands our for you, no matter how the piece is arranged, that instrument should be the best one for you to master.

A lot like love.

I have a new clarinet. Hopefully, we stick long enough together until we know each other fully and we're ready to show our love to the world. I will keep you updated on how the music lessons are going, if you're interested at all.