Flying without fear

                                             You step delicately
                                             into the wild world
                                             and your real prize will be
                                             the frantic search.
                                             Want everything. If you break
                                             break going out not in.

                                                     --Michael Ondaatje, "To A Sad Daughter"

Love, I've been taught, is like flying, 
and at times, it is learning how to repair your wings on air.

Love, too, may be that note scribbled by another borrower 
on a book I dusted off and cracked open at Malcolm Hall last weekend:
“If you’re feeling low, do something. 
If you’ve been doing something, do something different.”

Photos taken on a happy Monday morning. 
Have a great week, everyone!


  1. oh ada! i just love reading everything you write! :) happy happy happy. :D