Thanks to all those who made my birth month colorful,

who remind me that I should know when to give up

and how it is to start over,

who show me what fades and what stays longer,

who are there to teach me how to take the lead

and when to follow,

and who encourage me to keep on improving myself. 


Almost five hundred kids sang "Happy Birthday" to me during the school visit. It's one of the best things I'll remember in my life.

Winners in the drawing and writing contests, with the theme "I Am An Everyday Hero", were also awarded gift packs from the project partners.

Every kid from Pre-elementary to Grade 6 was given his share of school supplies. As it was raining, we had to go to every room. There was a chorus of "Good morning, visitors!" and "Thank you!" in each class we visited.

Book donations were handed over to the school administrators. The books are temporarily housed in the principal's office, where the kids are encouraged to go whenever they would like to borrow.

The project will not be possible without the help of the following -

Project partners KaEskwelaThe Barrister and Bataan Peninsula Leo Club;

My parents, Mr. Juanito Angeles and Dr. Amelia Angeles, and my brothers, Kuya Jeri and Juk;

The teachers at F. Angeles Memorial Elementary School;

Sisters from the Lambda Rho Sigma Sorority and my friends;

From RCBC Corporate Risk Management Services: Ms. Chie Borja, Ms. Cristy Cristobal, Ms. Irene Evangelista, Mr. Alan Gamayon, Ms. Aizel Lim, Ms. Len Mina, Mr. Josh Salao and Ms. Chris Simbulan;

From San Beda College: Karren Amparo, Gail Avila, Angel Calalang, Atty. Mads Ching, Atty. Maan Curameng, Frederick Dy, Love Jacoba, Mayette Tapia, Oliver and friends, Claire Feliciano and Che, Sasoy, College of Law Sections 4B and 1B.

The message we wish the kids would remember long after that rainy morning is simple: "Sa mga nag-aaral nang mabuti, maraming handang tumulong."

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