The Improbable List: 29 More To Go

Most people know me as someone who loves words more than numbers. The fact is I don't. I love them equally. But I have to admit there was a brief time in my life when I hated math. 

It started when a teacher couldn't accept that I made only one mistake in an algebra exam she prepared. I studied for it because I figured high grades in math would help me get into a good architecture program. She insulted and humiliated me because of my score. I don't know why she did that or what possessed her. And God, I was just eleven years old! I guess it developed a fear in me that took time to get over with. It's good the law against bullying is already being developed in this country. This is a topic better discussed in another entry, of course.

Anyway, here I am. Getting to know a lost love. That's one of the reasons why I chose a field where numbers come up often in the middle of legal provisions and jurisprudence. Here I am, crossing out an item in The Improbable List  and starting a career in the most interesting area of law: taxation.

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