Sometimes Manila and Davao are just 21 kilometers apart

There were cups of water and 100Plus, bananas, and liniment (with free light massage) during the race. What really kept me going? The thought that 21K at the Skyway is easy compared to the roads some kids around the country have to travel everyday just to learn.

A million thanks to everyone who helped KaEskwela, Inc. by pledging for the kilometers that I ran at the Condura Skyway Marathon - 

Ms. Dianne Feeney, Ms. Rosita Gozon, Mr. Jay Hechanova; Attys. Rexie Magsano, Janelle Reyes, Ivy Torres-Villasoto; and seven anonymous donors.

Photo by Marc Gonzales
Thank you for helping me cross out the first item on The Improbable List and for making it  my most meaningful 21K race. We were able to raise PhP7,677.35. This amount will be used to buy supplies for Mainit Elementary School in Cateel, Davao Oriental. The school was badly damaged by Typhoon Pablo and your donations will help the kids and teachers get back on track. We will keep you updated on the project. (For inquiries, please visit 

Thanks a lot also to everyone who shared my post and helped us spread the word.

KaE works with the administrators, teachers, parents and other partners in our projects. We ensure that the help we give do not just benefit the schools in the short term. For example, aside from helping put up libraries, we also conduct workshops on library management to make sure the kids and teachers can maximize the use of the facilities. During every visit to our partner schools, fellow volunteers also remind the kids to study well. We tell them kindhearted people will be there to help if the kids do their part - which is to study, of course. That way, we do not develop a culture of dependency among our partner schools. Instead, we encourage them to think and work to improve their learning environment.

Rainbow over Cateel, from Kaeskwela's Facebook Account

Every help that you gave for my run will be sent to Mainit with the encouragement that they can rebuild and recover. And we will be working with them.

If you'd like to be part of KaE, please leave a comment here or drop me an e-mail.

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