View from our firm's library

The first time I worked at Ortigas Center was more than ten years ago. It was, in fact, my first official employment. I just turned eighteen and wanted to learn how the coffee shop business worked. I was caffeine intolerant at that time. To make use of the daily free two coffee (of any kind) that was part of our employee perks, I invited my friends to drop by the shop once in awhile. 

There were only a few coffee shops in the city at that time. My roommate and I saw the potential of the industry and planned to put up our own someday. Now we're both in the legal field and probably drinking a liter of coffee everyday.

I'm back at Ortigas after more than a decade, now as an associate in a law firm. After more than a year in taxation, I decided to dive into litigation. Still adjusting. 

I'm thankful for the people who have been willing to be mentors to me in the past years. That's one of the things I love about this profession. We never run out of advice, those we provide to clients and those which we share among ourselves.

So far, all's fine. There's the little jamming session during my welcome party to the firm, our managing partner on vocals.

A new construction, yes. Cheers.

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