A cup of second chances

When you're at Baguio City and want to go beyond the usual spots you visit every summer, pass by the Arko ni Apo Art Gallery. It is located at Pinsao Road and also serves as studio and home to Sir BenHur Villanueva and family.

Sir BenHur, Ma'am Lolit and Bumbo were accommodating, as always, when I dropped by last April.

One of my favorite parts of the place is their Kape Diperensya. During my first visit, Ma'am Lolit explained how they don't just throw things that are broken. In this coffee shop, you'll see how giving another chance can turn into something wonderful ---

Look at the broken string instruments on the wall and tell yourself that you, too, don't have to be fixed to be lovely. 

That if you spent your time bringing music to others' lives, maybe even in your silence people will imagine and hear the symphony of your past.

In this place, the imperfections are the focal point. The defects lure you inside instead of driving you away.

For only PhP85.00, you'll be served with fresh brewed soya coffee and cookies at Kape Diperensya.

That weekend, I also got the chance to meet Dong Abay, who gave a free concert for the benefit of the pine trees and began filming his Rockumentree. He visited the gallery as well. His song Perpekto would be a perfect background music for your stay at Kape Diperensya.

Bumbo Villanueva's works will be at The Pocket Universe Art Collective until May 31. The gallery is located at Guijo Street, Makati. It is open from 1800H onwards.

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