The Improbable List

These things are not impossible but may be considered improbable. Why? I will discuss as we go along. The list is inspired by The Impossible List and The 30 Before 30 Project. I hope to finish off all these on or before I turn thirty next year. 

Help me cross out the items here one by one.

1. Finish a half-mary.
2. Join a relay race.
3. Join a 20+ km trail run.
4. Go wall climbing.
5. Have my pre-law school weight back.
6. Re-read the Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo.
7. Learn to play a new musical instrument.
8. Write a letter to my 20-year-old self.
9. Visit at least five museums.
10. Write a book review.
11. Start my Art Deco project.
12. Get inked using my own design.
13. Start a blog for Dibuho ni Juan's artworks.
14. Volunteer in a museum.
15. Hear mass in five different churches.
16. Donate blood.
17. Learn another language.
18. Embrace change.
19. Start working in the field of taxation.
20. Watch a musical performance I've always wanted to see.
21. Start a poetry Tumblr account.
22. Send at least ten (10) postcards to strangers outside the Philippines.
23. Start an urban herb garden.
24. Start writing about Philippine provinces on my F&B posts.
25. Start training for my first triathlon.
26. Learn how to clean fish.
27. Start my Sketches Project.
28. Write a music review.
29. Sell stuff I don't use anymore.
30. Find love.

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