The Improbable List: 28 More To Go

Yesterday, 23 September 2012, I got to cross out an item in The Improbable List. I ran the first half of a 21-kilometer relay race with my running buddy, Marc Gonzales. 

I didn't run and do heavy physical activities for most part of last year. During the first quarter of 2011, I was found out to have a spine problem and the physical therapist advised me to take it easy on my exercises. While reviewing for my bar exams, I went through therapy sessions and took pain relievers. There were review classes I missed out on when my back was too painful that I couldn't even get up to read. (Thank God there are audio codals.) Those months made me see the value of being fit and healthy. Now I try my best not to be as sedentary as I was last year, but remain careful not to strain my back too much.  

The races organized locally usually go for a minimum of five kilometers. That's long enough to spend quality time with your own thoughts. I have to say I learn a lot about myself when I'm out there running. Sometimes things even get more fun and you get to know other enthusiasts. After the relay, Marc and I met his friends who also regularly join races. Meet them through the hashtag #RunnerRushers on Twitter.

Time spent both on weekend runs and life's daily race taught me this: Just keep on running. Things will eventually be better. 

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