Meeting the Pianist's Pianist

The concert I've waited 20 years to see

I first read about her in my grade three Sibika at Kultura textbook. Back then, I was playing melodica for our school band and taking keyboard classes whenever I felt like it. Knowing how hard it was just to drag myself out of our house for weekend practice, I understood even then the greatness of this pianist. I promised myself I'll see her perform someday. 

Photo by Rosvie Gonzales

Miss Cecile Licad has performed in several concerts in Manila over the years but I never got the chance to watch. Last Saturday, I asked a good friend to go with me and watch her perform with the ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra. My friend and I were both crying in the middle of Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1, first of the three encore numbers. (And that's why we're friends!) The pianist was so kind to let us fans meet her and to have our programs signed. 

I'd say this is just one item off The Improbable List but no, this is a dream I've waited for twenty years to come true!

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  1. Oh wow! Ang saya naman po na nakita niyo po si Ms Licad in person :D

    It really was a night to remember :)