Martha, My Dear

She got her name from a song and a favorite artist.

She got herself a human territory by peeing on my shirt (twice!) when I placed her on top of my tummy a few days after she was born.

In 2004, my friend Aggie allowed me to bring Martha to Bataan, from her first home in Quezon City. Oh, how the mini pinscher brought joy to our family. And how she turned into a biggie pinscher after a few months. How her name became the first word we say whenever we got home.

How she both frightened and charmed relatives, friends, everyone who entered our house. Her castle.

I knew one day these things will reach their last ---

Buckets of tears only this loyal friend was allowed to see. Meals I have chosen and eaten mainly because of their dog-friendliness. Temporary residences, which became both home and fortress whenever my one-dog canine unit set paw. Stress-proof times, because the stress she took away by offering herself as pillow. All the moments she went inside my bags just so I won't leave, or so that I'd take her with me. Hundreds of miles we ran, walked, and swam together.

Martha Martita, Smartha Garfunky, Marthawoggy, Garfunkydog, Marthababy, Marthabunso, Bebemartha, Marthastitch.

Nine years of my life.

MARTHA GARFUNKEL: 13 August 2002 - 8 December 2011.

You still got me, silly girl.

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