How to begin this new year

Lawyer-photographer Chris Linag is selling photos (8"x12", framed) from his collection, Visual Transcriptions. Proceeds will be for the benefit of the survivors of Typhoon Sendong. 

More than a hundred photos are available here: Photos for Sendong Victims Blog. You may also contact him through Twitter @chriscrosspoint, SMS (09173877540), or leave a comment on this page.

I worked with Chris on Tularawan, a collaborative project years ago. He invited me to write about this photo (also for sale now): 

Here are some of my other favorites from his collection:


Exempli Gratia Foundation, Inc. is also gathering donations in kind for the people affected by the calamity. For those who are in Makati City, you may drop donations at RCBC Plaza within this week. Please contact Dave Peralta at +639335016350 or leave a comment here. 

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