Project 366

FEBRUARY 29, 2004 - My students prepared their adaptation of Ang Pangit na Sisiu ng Pato, Jose Rizal's translation of Hans Christian Andersen's The Ugly Duckling. Among the stories they chose from were Si Gahinlalaki (Thumbelina), Ang Batang Babaing Mai Dalang Sakafuego (The Little Match Girl), Ang Sugu (The Angel) and Ang Puno ng Pino (Little Fir Tree). That was their class project that semester.

We spent that day at King’s Garden Orphanage, Orion, Bataan. I promised to make the most out of the next extra calendar days of the coming leap years.

But I skipped last 2008. Did I go out on a date? Did I spend that whole Saturday in the arms of someone I loved? You don't really think I'm going to answer those questions here, do you?

This year is another chance: 2012 is for collaboration. (Well, it's also a good year for dates, but not on my extra calendar day. Please.)

What are your plans?

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