'Tis the Season

It's the season of love, peace and office newbies' dance numbers. It's also the best time to make things easier for people who have picked our names in any exchange-of-gifts group. 

If you're one of my Secret Santas, please note that I'd like to see your personality in whatever you'll give me. So think of every item in this wish list as canvas and your character as the paint. If you just happened to wander into my site, looking for words of wisdom (which you probably won't find here), I particularly encourage you to consider Item No. 24. 

So here are my little wishes.

Things you can find in bookstores
1. Kickback, a graphic novel by David Lloyd. Or any graphic novel you want to recommend. Anyway, here's a collage of David, myself and my copy of V for Vendetta on which he drew and signed during a Comic Con. Ah, that felt like Christmas.

2. Dong Abay's Rebulto CD, available at Fully Booked. Somebody borrowed my copy and looks like he's not planning to give it back. So please get me a new one. If you haven't heard his new tracks yet, you better get yourself a copy, too. If it's out of stock at Fully Booked, Team Manila stores also sell this piece of gold. You may also download your copy from iTunes.
3. Calculator: scientific, finance, or even the talking type. Any size. What matters is that they are colored green and/or white. 
4. Green or red sealing wax and letter A stamp. This will inspire me to write and send more letters.
5. Eat Out Now (115 Manila Restaurants We Love) or any other book about food.
6. Oil or acrylic paint, linseed oil, canvas, easel - take your pick.
7. Wooden book stand

Stuff from sports shops
8. White wristband. It will be nice to remember you while I'm sweating on the trail. 
9. Vibrams FF socks. Because I'm softcore.
10. Belt bag, because the one I'm using makes me look like a sidewalk vendor running from a raid. Look:

Photo from Running Photographers' Facebook account

Kitchen ware/wear
11. Any knife
12. Apron, the sexiest one you can find.
13. Wine glass. I vowed to always have rice wine in the kitchen so maybe you'd like to include a bottle of that, too.
14. Wooden chopping board
15. Small charcoal grill

Some of my current kitchen favorites

Things you can get from music stores
16. Capo, black or brown
17. Guitar stand
18. Ukulele, tenor. Whatever's the cheapest you can find, please. Even second-hand. I'm challenging myself to improve the sound by picking the right strings.
19. Harmonica

20. Mark Angeles' Threesome book. A little background on one of the young poets I admire here. You can meet the Palanca awardee and buy his third self-published book, too. Contact him at +639172042354. Follow him on Twitter: makoydakuykoy.
21. Herbs in pots. The legal ones, as I'm starting an urban herbal garden.
22. Up Dharma Down's Capacities CD. Let's turn 2013 well.

Other places in this world, like, your heart

23. Donate the amount (we have a minimum/maximum for the exchange, right?) to KaEskwela, Inc., a volunteer organization that helps improve public schools in the country. Find out how you can do this here.
24. Read more about KaEskwela and let me help you sign up for the cause.
25. Help me fulfill any of the items in The Improbable List.

In giving, it's the fun (hopefully for both parties) that counts. So take your pick and have fun, no pressure. You know how I am: mataas ang standards pero mababaw ang kaligayahan (I have high standards but please pass me that shot of tequila, thanks.) Happy holidays!

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