Improv: Brandy, with a chance of milk cubes

When expecting a rough week, it's great to polish things up a bit by having a hard drink laced with your lover's voice. For the rest of us, of course, there has to be an alternative.

This drink is so simple I won't even have to give details on how to make one. Instead, let me tell you why I use particular products and call it Laguna In A Glass.

Rainy day company

When we think of Laguna, the first thing that comes to mind most probably is its famous buko pie. But the province is being branded by the local officials as The Resort Capital, Detroit and Silicon Valley of The Philippines. I found out about that only after being stuck in traffic on a rainy Monday near a billboard of the local government and the Department of Tourism.

With the cold rain, boredom and that advertisement that projects a province where technology and nature meet: what's the most natural thing to do? I prepared a drink when I got home, of course.

Laguna In A Glass

So here, a brandy manufactured at the Laguna International Industrial Park and a milk product from the foothills of Mt. Makiling. Just pour the Low-fat Vanilla Milk Drink by Hacienda Macalauan into a tray, let it freeze, then drop the cubes to a glass half-full with Gilbey's 1857 Brandy.

Because we're softcore, we like our drinks to look like milk tea. This can be paired with buko pie, too, if you're purist.

Have a great week!

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